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la pute fr put your ass into it

Pac from the block. ( talk ) 14:59, (UTC) Don't despair edit This article has the makings of a good article; there is a lot of good material here. ( talk ) 22:37, 7 September 2009 (UTC) Because I decided to comment that here. Zxly ( talk ) 21:51, 27 December 2012 (UTC) "Vulgar Latin" is a slippery term, but it seems to me that it can be thought of approximately as the common speech during the Roman Empire, and somewhat similar to "Proto-Romance". Quite plausible that the average Picard and the average Pugliese would have had trouble understanding each other at the millenium. No serious researcher who is without moralistic preconceptions will feel that anything is being "inflicted" on them. Adding Calories Has Never Been This Easy or Tasted So Good 1,250 Calories 50 Grams of Blended Protein, over 250 Grams of Carbohydrates with NO added sugar. Or should it simply be deleted with no replacement, leaving just the actual 9th century text of the Oaths? And later Latin) edim. Edit "This change was well under way as early as the 1st century BCE, and the construction appears several times in Catullus, for example in Catullus 8, line 11: sed obstinata mente perfer, obdura "but carry on obstinately obstinate-mindedly. The article on the Romance copula already has a table for morphological (diacronical) comparison. Nothing ventured nothing gained. But "bellus" is a litterary word as well (recorded in such writers as Cicero, Catullus, Martial etc. Aldrasto11 ( talk ) 12:16, (UTC) Huh, which Vulgar Latin forms of "to be" came from other Italic languages? The word which is meant is "quiescentis". Rien "thing estovoir "to be necessary" (from est opus ;. The current article format shows a lack of "Capital E" Editorial clarity and purpose as regarding the subject at hand. It was I who pointed out that much of this material was actually criminally illegal. la pute fr put your ass into it

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Sit de rencontre pour ado place libertin e So, here is what I did instead. It doesn't but it does? Mamurra ( talk ) 20:37, (UTC) Comparing Classical and vulgar Latin edit I was reading the section that compares sentences in Classical Latin and Vulgar Latin and while I do not know Vulgar Latin the sentences in Classical Latin.
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Classical Latin gradually grew farther apart from the spoken dialect but it would have taken a long time before the classical language would have become unintelligible. Spanish has only two of those (al a el, del de el) but Italian has dei, del, degli, delle, della, just for the preposition "di" (from in English). That stuff should be documented, but in polite language. In half of those territories the main language was greek. I'm still thinking of removing Vulgar Latin from the table, and moving the tables to Romance languages. Refrain She don't want a nigga with some funny cash She want a nigga with a money bag 100 racks Dollars after dollars, keep em coming fast 4, 3, 2, 1, I'm about to blast Blast, 6-12's, let. We find the wholesale suicide required of the Volk in recent times a bit horrifying. And Wright provides the perspective for exploring further. If you mean why did so many people continue writing esse for so long after it must have actually been essere in normal speech, see Appendix Probi - presumably in essence the usual conspiracy of inertia the variegated effects. ( talk ) 15:17, (UTC) Question on the status of learned pronunciations in late-Roman/early medieval era paralleling development of Proto-Romance edit Is there any information on the status of learned pronunciations from the late imperial period up to 1000 CE? So as long as it isn't proven wrong, I think that this has to be considered decisive. The sources are the obvious ones for the topic (Banniard, Van Uytfanghe, Wright, etc.). I agree with you: it's an exhortation to vote some political candidates with nothing "vulgar" in it, except for soiling a wall in the public street. In fact in some locations the editors were listing porn sites as references. The Strasbourg Oaths are French-ish, and they're old, but it's more than a bit iffy - on grounds of syntax, morphology, phonology, and lexicon - to label the language therein Old French, if by that is meant. We are trying to improve WP here. But, I've encountered porn on WP before. The local dialects are mostly mutually unintelligible. So, showing similarity of it to Italian (or any other Romance language) seems completely pointless and looks like a circular reasoning. While the consonants are Latin (in most cases) many forms came from other Italic languages: see.g. Verbal forms may be renewed in any language (cf. Deal with it as you may, I'm not letting veritable video porno reel chat cam sexo the error stand. Currently there's a quite random separation of subject matter with a great deal of overlap. In light of fields such as sociolinguistics, dialectology, and historical linguistics, Vulgar Latin is the sociological, geographical and historic variations in Latin that excludes the speech and the writings of the educated classes. Conclusion: get back to your schoolbooks before you interrupt someone's else discussion. I'm concerned with the fact that almost every entry in the table has a note reporting the original meaning of the word used in Vulgar Latin. ( talk ) 01:54, (UTC) Phonology: hypercorrection? Late Latin and Early Romance in Spain and Carolingian France. One can't help but notice your conflation of "scurrilous" with "profane" and hyperventilation about "what the Roman people were all about." Please. la pute fr put your ass into it

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